Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet Natasha Rose Can D'Ijuma

Welcome to my blog about our Magyar Vizsla, Natasha Rose Can D'Ijuma. Jorge Martinez is her  owner on record and I'm, well you might say, her manager.
Natasha Rose at 6 months

 Here you will be able to follow her adventures (and ours with her). The blog will include photos of her growing up in Santiago, Chile.

What to expect from Natasha? There's much to report about the few months we've had her in our home -

from the day we picked her up in Argentina

to today ... this Valentine's Day posting of her.

Jorge's plans are to train her for hunting.

Jorge and Natasha Rose in the field

While mine is to have her shown here in Chile...and beyond.

Natasha Rose with handler, Fernado Burgos
at Expocan Viña del Mar, January 15 

Hope you'll follow along to see how her life and ours progresses.

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