Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vizsla the velcro dog

The Vizsla breed  makes an absolutely wonderful family companion, hunting dog and/or show dog.  They'll do anything you ask them to just as long as it is with you.  Because they absolutely love to be with their owners they have earned the nick name of "Velcro Vizsla." They are wonderful with children,  however as with any breed, the child needs to understand how to treat and care for the dog while an energetic puppy may overwhelm  a very small child.

A baby Natasha Rose cuddles and is stuck like velcro to family and friends;
Velcro puppy

Each time Andy, our son, sits on the floor you'll find Natasha Rose climbing up to fill his lap. And if Andy's lap is unavailable she will try to snuggle with Samson our Maltese.

And as the hour gets late you can be sure to find her next to Jorge in bed.
A pair of legs make the best pillow

Your eyelids are getting heavy

You're getting sleepy...

And to all a good night

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