Monday, May 14, 2012

View Live Streaming Video Of the 2012 Vizsla Club of America Specialty Shows

Streaming video of the 2012 Vizsla Club of America Specialty Shows will stay up for as long as it takes for to produce the final EDITED video. That might be 8 weeks from the end of the show. The idea is that people (who buy a ticket for $69.60) can watch the show anytime, in its entirety, until the DVDs are shipped. At that time, the RAW video will be removed and replace with the EDITED video, and then new tickets need to be purchased to view.

The show discounts have been extended through May 31. You can order up to the last day of May and still get the show discounts.


Here are the two important links for the website:

General Video Link for the 2012 show:
Streaming Video link:

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