Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The making of a breed specific club in Chile

Today I joined with Fernando Burgos, Kennel Club de Chile's Director for Breeding, owner of Von Dabuso Akitas and Natasha Rose's handler) and a group of Great Dane breeders and lovers to observe the presentation of their proposal to establish a Great Dane Club within the Kennel Club de Chile.  Joining in with them to discuss their proposal was a great learning experience. I hope to establish the Club de Magyar Vizsla/Braco Húngaro de Pelo Corto in Santiago de Chile. Of course first we will have to develop critical mass...meaning more than the handful of owners of Vizslas that I know now residing in Chile.

I'm hoping that somewhere out there in Vizsla-land we may find more people who own this lovely breed of dog and or are interested in learning more about the breed to assure the development of a quality dog in Chile.

I will definitely have my work cut out for me in not only finding more than the 4 people I know who own Vizslas in Chile,  setting up a proposal to establish the club and then writing the proposal in Spanish!

There are some good templates already established which I will be drawing from. Of course I will use my notes from today to make a first draft describing the Constitution and Bylaws and Code of Ethics. The presenters did their homework by comparing clubs for their breed all around the world, drawing from their documents the best ideas.

Examples of Rules and Ethics for Vizsla clubs are found in the following:

And while Spain does not have a specific club WWW.Vizsla.ES offers great insight into the breed in Spain in both English and Spanish.

Part of the purpose of a breed specific club is to assure quality and the standard of the dog as well as to find others with which an owner may wish to breed with. Thus it is important to become aware of lineage and strategies for breeding:

Hopefully soon, we will have many more vizslas coming here to Chile each with many excellent traits to help us develop an excellent group of these wonderful dogs.

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