Saturday, March 17, 2012

Planning for International Dog Show Tours

Today my fancy turns to international dog shows. I am to wondering what it would take to schlep all the necessary equipment AND Natasha Rose to an international dog show- that is one outside of Chile. As we are North Americans living in South America, raising a Vizsla from Argentina and showing her in Chile you could say we already were very internationally involved and to  bring her to show in our home in the USA would qualify her as participating in an international show!

And to think I stress about overweight on my one suitcase!

I do this once and Jorge will never  complain again about my 4 suitcases for a 3-day weekend

Ohh thank goodness Natasha Rose only needs a damp towel and a little nose cream to make her beautiful.
Ok plus a little brown shoe polish to cover the bald spot on her coat she got from a romp in the woods.

Watching our Chilean handler, Fernando Burgos' American Akita, Kenzo Von Dabuso  place in the Colombian International Show Friday, March 16, 2012:

Watch live video from TV Ci-Sud on

and anticipating our Argentinean  breeder, German Rodriguez  showing his Vizsla,  Dukesa Wild Can D Ijuma today I want to learn more about the prepping and paying involved in bringing a dog across borders to show internationally.

So while I wait to watch today's expositions live--
Watch live video from TV Ci-Sud on

I'm doing some investigation on the subject and will be collecting the information.  I will organize it later and set it up as a separate tab as I have planned for the gun dog info.

Please chime in here if you have any information,  insight, tips or warnings to add to my "research."

And best of luck to all in Colombia!

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