Thursday, March 8, 2012

How does our Vizsla grow?

At the last show we were told one of the judges commented that Natasha was a wee bit small. Wondering about that comment we took to doing to her what we did with our children when they were young- marking the hallway wall to keep record of her growth.

Stand tall!
Notching the wall as we did with our children

At 6 months she stands 21 inches (53.5cm) at the shoulder.

According to AKC standards:
The ideal male is 22 to 24 inches at the highest point over the shoulder blades. The ideal female is 21 to 23 inches. Because the Vizsla is meant to be a medium-sized hunter, any dog measuring more than 1 ½ inches over or under these limits must be disqualified.
According to FC1 standards:
Dogs: 58 - 64 cm
Bitches: 54 - 60 cm
So ok... she's a half a cm short at half a year according to the FCI. Guess we just need to feed her some vitamines and to make sure she stands up straight and tall!

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