Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the mend and moving up in the world

Happy to say that Natasha is recovering well from her minor operation this last Tuesday to remove a tumor growing on the top of her mid-right flank. It will take about two weeks before we get official word back from the biopsy. In the meantime we keep our fingers crossed.
vizsla with benigne skin tumor on back
Tumor compared to a 1 CLP coin

It hasn't slowed her down a bit, though, which has been a challenge as we try to keep her from popping her three stitches. Unfortunately we had to pull her from this weekend's show to give her stitches a chance to heal. But keeping our spirits high was finding her listing in the Cinofilia Sudamericana Catologo Chile (Chilean Catalogue) for the June 23 show.  Located under Group 7 we found in black and white:

Categoria: Campeón Joven Hembra 
478 CH.JCHI. NATASHA ROSE CAN D'IJUMA KCC 381146 Nacido el 22/08/2011
Propietario(s) JORGE MARTINEZ .

And to think I was proud of my little group of letters (Ed.D.)! I think she has me beat! 

With luck she will be healed and ready to go to Argentina in July. The good thing is the left side facing the judge looks wonderful. Hopefully our talented handler will show that side to her benefit.  The competition will be stiff I'm told.  We will be pitting our 10 month old against four other young dogs with great titles including Argentina's champion. This is when Jorge reminds me we got her first for hunting- the showing is just the icing on the cake, a time filler while she develops her skills in the field. 

One could hope nonetheless.

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