Friday, April 27, 2012

How to pick out a dog's coat

Winter is just upon us now and poor Natasha is in need of her first winter's coat. So it's time us girls do some shopping therapy! 

When we plan our own outdoor activities we are very selective in packing or wearing protective clothing needed to keep ourselves dry, warm and comfortable throughout our trip. Why should our Vizslas not receive the same consideration? A Vizsla's coat lacks an undercoat, making this type of dog completely unsuited to being an outdoor pet without protective wear. Just like us, if our dogs are left unprotected for extended periods of time they can suffer the chilling effects of the elements, losing their body heat at an accelerated rate.

Because my husband will be taking her out to hunt and  adventuring in the great outdoors we want to use protective dog clothing to keep Natasha Rose safe and warm. The main function of dog clothing, is to keep the dog dry and warm when the weather turns stormy and cold. Selecting the right dog clothing will also help us to protect her from cuts, scratches. Special protective dog clothing will keep her safe while bounces on the trail of a partridge or prances through parks that may be overgrown with sharp sticker bushes and splintering bramble.

How to Size Dog Apparel

First thing of course is to check out her girlish figure to see what size she is. To do that we measure with soft tape measure while the dog is STANDING UP

Extra Small10"
Extra Large24"

Sizing Coats, Sweaters, Shirts & Safety Vests:

Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. If the measurement is between sizes, it is recommended going up one size. Also, if pet has a stout build, a deep chest, or is overweight, it's recommended going up a minimum of one size for proper fit. If the dog is long-backed, like a Dachshund, a smaller size is recommended.

Midriff Style Jackets and Shirts:

For shorter midriff style garments, measure the length of pet's back from base of neck to base of tail. Due to the unique styling of midriff garments, they may sit higher on the dog's back. 

What to look for in dog clothing

Today's newer styles of dog clothing now incorporate many safety features like reflective materials stitched into the outfits. They help to make your dog much more visible when the weather darkens the sky. This is an important safety consideration for the dog that is active outdoors.

A good fit is essential. Dog clothing like a dog coat, vest or dog boots must fit well so that it will remain securely in place throughout an active day of hunting or hiking and protects our dog from the elements and rough brush found on hunting and hiking trails.

How sensitive to the elements your dog is will depend a great deal on the weather conditions, how much time he spends outside and the type of coat he has. Shorthaired breeds, like Vizslas, tend to be more sensitive to direct rain and cold. Whereas the fur of thick-coated breeds are more prone to absorb lots of water.

The coat that we choose must be designed to keep our Vizsla warm while providing protection from wind and rain. While fleece dog clothing will definitely help her stay toasty warm, fleece alone is not the best choice for trail conditions. We will be on the look out for a dog coat with a combination of a warm fleece lining and a durable nylon shell to provide maximum protection and will help maintain her core body heat.

She will of course need a  raincoat too for those cold and rainy Chilean winters, designed for our active hound to enjoy a full range of motion. Important to check are the coat's leg openings to make sure they do not restrict our dog’s movement.Whether it will be designer chic, neon orange, woodsy camo or home made, the coat we choose will need to be one that has clean lines to avoid getting caught on things and covers her underside designed to give her enough room to do her business.

Where to purchase dog clothing:   Note sharing links that I have visited in no way constitutes a recommendation for their product.                                                                      

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 Neon orange ultrex coat


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