Friday, April 27, 2012

Club Reconocidos Chile para Magyar Vizsla/Braco Húngaro

What Chile needs is a Vizsla Club!
 ¡Lo que Chile necesita es un Club Mayar Vizslas/Bracos Húngaros!!

...And I think I'll be the one to help it get started! I'm not sure how I'll be going about it but I think I can do it. Just need people of like mind and dog and I think we'll be off and running.

 I just sent the Kennel Club de Chile an inquiry into this. Chile doesn't appear to have many officially recognized specie specific clubs within the Kennel Club de Chile.  So I wonder if it's a matter of too much "papaleo" or bureaucracy and/or cost. Of course my timing on this stinks as it's now Friday afternoon before a 4 day weekend...sigh. Patience will be tough. But in the meantime it will give me time to find all those like minded owners.

For starters, I have set up a Facebook GroupClub de Magyar Vizsla de Santiago de Chile
Eager to join are the owners of Natasha Rose's brother, Procyon Can d' Ijuma.

Procyon takes a break from the heat
Procyon at 4 months
 There are the few selling puppies on the internet, but there doesn't seem to be many of them here in Chile.
Vendo linda perrita braco hungaro o vizsla, de muy temperamento con los niños por cambio de domicilio
And then there is someone looking for a girlfriend for their male, making a good start (but we'll not be making Natasha Rose a child bride just yet). 

There could be those random folks I happen to bump into, like the young man in the photographe class I met when curious as to why he was standing on the overpass with a group of 30 others. In the process of discovering that he was not a member of the paparazzi shooting the entrance of some super star into Santiago, I learned he happened to have two Vizslas among his collection of 6 dogs. 

So we have a good start. Now for the paper work and bureaucracy that is sure to ensue before we become more than just a random group of people of like mind and dog.

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