Friday, February 15, 2013

Gauge the Vizsla and Betsy need your help

Gauge and Betsy  need your help- Donate today!
Yesterday I posted about Betsy Strachota and her vizsla Gauge who is currently undergoing physical therapy and may need further surgeries after falling from a five story building.  I have been informed by Megan Smith, a member of the Twin Cities Vizsla Cub Rescue Committee, that Betsy is in great need of help with some of her massive vet bills. I encourage you to help Betsy and Gauge as I did by donating to the TCVC Rescue fund. It's simple and easy to do via Paypal or credit card.  The donate button is located on the main page, on the lower right hand side of the webpage:

Once you have made your donation you will see on the PayPal "Review of donation" page under TVCV Rescue a line that states:
Add special instructions to the seller: 
Click on that line to open a box to write in a special instructions note that your donation is for the Gauge Fund.

Megan assures me that Betsy has been a great ally to the Vizsla and assists with the Secondhand Hound Rescue program as a foster owner. Betsy also helped TVCV by taking in the Weimaraner brother to a Vizsla that TVCV had in rescue by finding him a new home. Megan encourages all who are able to give Betsy and Gauge a hand by making a donation today! Any amount will be a great help.

Please let me know if you have issues donating or if you would like to donate by check and I will e-mail you the address mail directly.

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