Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting those Christmas ideas started

My mother always impressed me by how she was able to have all her Christmas shopping started in July and completed by October. I've not always been that well organized, with the holiday sneaking up on me despite the fact it is always the last week of the year and well marked on the calendar. However,  after watching Roby Baer draw her wonderfully executed pastel of a vizsla, I started to think what a lovely gift a commissioned portrait of our dog would be for my husband.  After a quick Google search using commission pet portraits, vizsla I discovered quite a few who do pet portraits.  I then branched off to see what other vizsla themed products are out there. Of course there is always the merchandise that supports the various Vizsla Clubs and their Vizsla Rescue efforts around the world that offer books, coffee mugs,  key chains and notecards.  After exploring a bit more with companies that  sell merchandise on line I was amazed at the variety and well, utility of their products.  Below are a just few that caught my eye:

Vizsla Artwork Underwear & Panties: Thongs at $12.50, boxers at $16, its what the discerning Vizsla fanatic puts on first!
vizsla boxer shortsvizsla thong

The Cafe Press provides many other articles of clothing, collectibles and other dust-able tchatchkes for Vizsla lovers.

PetPro.com provides themed merchandise as well. For Vizsla lovers there are three pages of great gifts and indispensable stuff each with the image of Vizsla. Of course we will have to get a few Vizsla Christmas ornaments for our tree prices ranging from $12.99 to $14.99
Vizsla in sleighvizsla sitting in front of gingerbread housevizsla figure inside tea cup

Doodle Sport provides a wide range of gifts for dog lovers. Using a drop down selection choice of what appears to be every breed in the world (except the newer accepted models such as the Chilean Terrier), items for the kitchen, entire wardrobes, golf items all can have an image of a Vizsla emblazoned. Even babies can proudly bare the image of their family dog: 

baby clothes with vizsla image

For the art collector the Big Tall Dog site has many bronzes that pictures Vizslas as the hunters they are. Prices are in the $100- $200 price range :  
Vizsla statue with hungervizsla on point statue

I definitely will be prepared this year and hopefully will be able to have some of these items make their way through customs here in Chile and show up at my doorstep in time!

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